- 15 year (130,000 hour) service life
- maintenance free static capacitors


- completely modular: combine together at the top and bottom by fitting one into the other
- at the time of installation, all positions are allowed
- no earth link required (plastic case)
- top connection
- fixing by 2 M6 bolts
- kit for substituting Varplus by Varplus2
- ready-to-use installation kits for Prisma Plus, Blokset and Okken panels and for SAREL universal panels (Varpact)
- simplified handling and connection: specific support design; lowering of centre of gravity and top and bottom entry cables (Varset)


- a patented design, the only one of its kind in the world; 100% warning of possible internal or external faults:

     - against internal faults (low current) by the use of an overpressure system:
          - the dielectric loses its properties
          - the internal pressure slowly increases and raises a metal disc
          - above a preset factory threshold, this shortcircuits the internal fuse thus taking the capacitor out of operation

     - against external faults (high current) by the use of an integrated HRC fuse

- risk of explosion reduced to zero, an Aluminium case is not needed
- integrated discharge resistor
- maximum fire resistance (self-extinguishing); UL certification… V0
- automated production line to reduce the possibility of human error to a minimum


- 10% lower power consumption than the VARPLUS M offer

- controlled thermal withstand;
- simulation on each panel at maximum power;
- thermal cooling optimisation;
- above standards requirements taken into account (continuous 35°C ambient temperature + maximum in-service power)
- thermal testing in the most severe conditions

100% GREEN

- Varplus2 complies with the ROHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) circular
- Varplus2 contains no liquid substance
- RECTIPHASE is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified




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