Solutions for packaging machines

Our solution to the end users market, OEM and packaging machines reformers provide the best performance x investment relationship.
Applying recognized quality products, with access to maintenance and replacement all over the world, Vivacity joins its knowledge to offer the greatest performance requested, with the precision and repeatability compatible with available resources in each machine.

The resources implemented in developed applications, allow the fast product set-up to the operational characteristics and present resources in different types of packaging machines.
This way it be reduced the system start-up time and guarantee the performance requirements desired.
In this market there are two types of products: the dedicated and open. The dedicated products are based on hardware architecture developed specifically for these applications, having low production scale, support deficiency and unstable quality. The open solutions, apply market products with dedicated software taylor-made type.
Vivacity is differentiated by this last one joining a software architecture adapted and quite proven for the several packaging machines types.
This way the wanted operational result is guaranteed, as well as reduced the tests times and commissioning.



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